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Our Artists

Texas Sweet Heat Jam Company supports the realization of personal potential with intellectual disabilities through community, partnerships, and community engagement. Their artisan jams are made with a creative blend of fresh chili peppers, fruits and a twist of fine-tuned culinary expertise.

Advitya is a creative centre for those gifted with conditions like Down Syndrome, Autism and Cerebral Palsy in Mumbai, India. Their vision is to foster compassion, kindness and inclusion in the world.

Imperfect Creations is a small company started by Faith Duncan, who was born with Trisomy 21 and is a strong advocate for people living with disabilities. She makes a wide variety of beautiful handcrafted items such as quilts, ornaments, and blankets.

Smt. C&C Choksi
Activity Centre

The Smt. C&C Choksi Activities Center provides formal and informal training to 100 people living with cerebral palsy in Mumbai, India; the center fosters inclusion and provides these individuals a wonderful opportunity to create and build something on their own.

Seeds for Autism provides a path from “learning to earning” for young adults with autism through education, vocational training and social development in Phoenix, Arizona.

Peaceful Fruits creates healthy snacks containing nothing but whole, organic fruit that is sustainably and ethically sourced. The company helps people with developmental disabilities earn a fair wage by hiring them to fill nearly every position in the production of its snacks.

Our Partners

Element Truffles

Elements Truffles is an Ayurveda inspired line of clean chocolates that taste good and does good – for the body, mind and community. The organization donates a percentage of proceeds from their sales to support artists living with persons living with disabilities.

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