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As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, the proceeds from your purchase are reinvested into the lives of our artists.
Beautiful and unique, each item we offer has been meticulously crafted by hand.
Our model empowers artists to create more products that result in higher self-esteem and bring more purpose and meaning to their lives.


Number of Products Sold: 2,000

Artists with Disabilities Supported: 200


When you donate, you help provide artists living with physical, mental, and emotional conditions a marketplace to sell their works and an opportunity to help supplement their income. You can change lives.


Preet Rajput

Colorful Minds is an organization that supports young artists┬áliving with physical, mental, and emotional conditions by connecting them with markets to sell their artwork so that they don’t need to depend on anyone. This message is powerful and I am honored to be an Advocate for Colorful Minds and educate people on making conscious and empowered purchasing decisions, as well as help sell amazing, intricate artwork created by these young artists.

Riddhi Bais

We purchased beautiful candleholders and bags for our wedding from Colorful Minds. These products were made by artists living with cerebral palsy and designed with such elaborate detail and bright colors. Not only were products a wonderful favor, but our guests were truly appreciative to learn about this wonderful mission and cause.


Colorful Minds has procured hundreds of products from Advitya and this has really helped improve the lives of people living with cerebral palsy in Mumbai, India. Due to the revenue earned from these sales, we have been able to sponsor annual tuition and medication fees for students who come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

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