Our Story

Colorful Minds is sparking a powerful movement to improve the well-being, self-satisfaction, empowerment and independence of creative young people living with disabilities, by bringing their artistic creations to a global market. Read more and discover how you can be a part of this empowering movement, how it started and what’s next.

Our Mission

The mission of Colorful Minds is to strengthen the lives of people living with physical and/or cognitive disabilities through art, entrepreneurship, partnerships and community.

Colorful Minds provides a unique platform to share and sell their work to create hope and healing, with the goal of providing sustainable work for these individuals. This allows the artists to seek financial independence while bolstering their self-esteem.

We are unique in that we seek to bridge vocational training centers, artists, and other community based groups around the world for communities that are interested in purchasing their beautiful artwork. Colorful Minds aims to bridge this gap by connecting disabled individuals to retail markets around the world.

Our Team

Shachi Doshi is very passionate about improving access to health care for underserved communities. She has over 12 years of experience in consulting numerous NGOs, foundations, hospitals, and Fortune 500 companies in defining their health care strategy and measuring the social and financial impact of health-related programs.
Today, she works at Genentech as a Senior Manager focused on leading market research and forecasting efforts for stakeholders that help patients access the medicines they need. Shachi earned a Master of Public Health from the University of Michigan (concentration in Global Health).
Shachi loves using creativity and community to identify solutions to our world's public health problems. Her vision for Colorful Minds is to bring more happiness and self-empowerment into the lives of persons living with disabilities and motivate as many communities as possible to be agents of meaningful change.


JUSTINE REICHMAN Executive Director
Justine Reichman was delighted to accept the role of Executive Director for the Colorful Minds organization. Justine is much more than an accomplished artist, she is always searching out creative ways put art to work to help people improve their position in life and enhance.
Her strategic vision with Colorful Minds is to champion artists with disabilities and help them achieve self-sufficiency by connecting them with interested buyers.
Justine strives to uncover an artist’s hidden talents with the ultimate goal of connecting artists with buyers and sponsors. This gives each artist a chance to express him or herself and grants the members of our community an opportunity to give back in a beautiful way. By working with Colorful Minds, Justine has found yet another way to make the world a better place.

SNIRIT YADIN  Grant Writer
Nirit Yadin is a grant writer based in New Jersey. She believes that (as the Dalai Lama says) “ our prime purpose in this life is to help others.”

Jean-Baptiste Fargettas has been engaged in NGOs and international institutions since 2012. After a Bachelor degree in Economics and Management and two Master’s degrees in European Affairs and International Relations, he worked as international affairs advocate and policy analyst among others at the European Parliament. He focused mainly on Human Rights, economics as well as on energy issues.
In 2016, he joined the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo to support the Human Rights programs before settling in San Francisco in 2018.

Advisory Board

JOHN ADAMS  Media Strategist
John Adams has been a strategic social media strategist since 2006. He’s conducted multiple internet marketing ventures and social media campaigns while providing content for a very diverse collection of small and large corporations including PepsiCo, United States Tennis Association, Amadesa Inc., Storm-X, Inflight Insider and Fantasy Buzzer. John has almost twenty years of television network reporting and anchoring experience.
John spent the majority of his career as an investigative reporter and consumer advocacy reporter helping individuals stand up to hostile corporate entities.

Graduating with a degree in Biology from Cornell University, Laurel Collier started her young career with Exergen Corp, a leading designer and manufacturer of infrared heat sensing devices used in Industrial and medical applications. This early career focus set Laurel down a path working in the field of Industrial Automation, where she developed as an operational executive for Automation Controls, a leading west coast provider of factory automation solutions. After 14 years as a COO for Automation Controls, Laurel shifted focus to consumer goods, providing operational leadership for 2 iconic bay area chocolate companies, TCHO and Recchuitti, as well as serving as the COO for Public Bikes, a trendy San Francisco-based boutique bicycle and gear company. Currently, Laurel has transitioned into the tech industry, now working for Rinse, a technology enabled dry-cleaning and laundry service.

For nearly 20 years, Meghan has been telling other people's stories- as a creative executive and producer for networks including NBC, CBS, ABC, Discovery, National Geographic, TLC, Bravo, Travel & A&E. "There's no question that people want to share their stories, to tell others what the world looks likes through their eyes," says Meghan. "Words are commonly the vehicle folks choose to express themselves, but some aren't comfortable with words, and instead finding their voice behind a camera, or with paint, pencils or music. Any ability I have to help another person express himself artistically- and tell his story- I'm thrilled to be a part of it."

Chandrika Rao is a public health professional who has over fifteen years of experience in enhancing the quality of various government, non-profits and social enterprise organizations in the United States and in India. Today, she works as a Senior Research Analyst for Applied Survey Research. Her current focus is to improve Kindergarten Readiness in children 0-5 years of age and STEM readiness in high school children. Chandrika holds a Masters in Health Sciences from Boise State University, Idaho and in Psycho Social Rehabilitation from Bangalore University, India.
She feels very passionate to dedicate her time to Colorful Minds. Life is about providing equal opportunities to every person and she is committed to helping advance opportunities for individuals living with disabilities.