Zawadi Make Up Purse Large

Our Zawadi make up bag, named after one of Neema’s deaf tailors, is designed to fit all your toiletries at home or on the go. It has a waterproof liner, is made from our hand printed linen and fastens with a metal zip.

Please be aware that because of the handmade nature of the product, the design and colors may vary slightly from the image shown.Carefully and lovingly handprinted, sewn and decorated with wood bead tassels by our artisans in Iringa, Tanzania.


Meet the Artisan

Sophia works in the tailoring department at Neema Crafts which she is very happy about. She was born hearing imparied and school and work was very difficult for her. She learned about Neema Crafts in 2011 because her husband worked there in the café. When they got married, she also managed to get a job at Neema.

“I have learnt to make many things, including clothes and several different bags. I really enjoy learning how to make new items and improving my skills. A few years ago, my husband and I were able to get our own house and we live here with our son, who attends school locally. At Neema, I also had the opportunity to attend a business training course. This has inspired me and I would love to open my own shop or small hotel one day.”

Faith-Christina Duncan is strong, resilient and an advocate for all persons living with various disabilities. She was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth and lives by Helen Keller’s words: ” I am but one but I am one.” Faith makes a variety of beautiful products including quilts, ornaments, tablecloths, and home decor. Faith is on the AB honor roll at her school and was a member of the National Honor Society.

Faith creates impact on new parents by making baby blankets to put into the newborn baskets for parents of babies with Down Syndrome.These are given to them as a welcome gift by Down Syndrome of Central Florida.She wanted to make an impact on new parents. These blankets have now become a symbol of hope and inspiration and to assure them about their child and there is no limit to their child’s possibilities.

Colorful Minds is excited and is very proud to partner with Faith, Imperfect Creations.