Woven Blanket (Pink)

This beautiful and soft blanket entirely hand dyed and woven at Neema Crafts adds warmth and decoration to your home. The yarns are carefully hand dyed and prepared onto our hand looms and it takes a few days to entirely finish this 120cm W x 150cm L Wrap. The large tassels are then added to finish the edges of this blanket.

Please be aware that because of the handmade nature of the product, the design and colours may vary slightly from the image shown. Carefully and lovingly handprinted, sewn and decorated by artisans in Iringa, Tanzania.


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Material: 100% Cotton, hand-woven in our workshop

Care Instructions: Cool wash only

Meet the Artisan

Chaula works at Neema Crafts and weaves a variety of scarves, napkins and placemats on a small handloom. He contracted polio at the age of three and it paralysed his legs and bent them so much. After receiving his certificate in Commerce, he was unable to find a job for 14 years. In Tanzania, he says that “ people with disabilities are not treated equally. Employers don’t trust that we can do things and they don’t think that we are able to do a normal job.”

He wrote letters to NGOs and Banks, but no one would employ him so he stayed at home repairing shoes for people. His parents were worried that he would never find employment but they prayed that something would happen. When he discovered Neema Crafts, he was employed soon after attending a weaving workshop. Now Chalua can afford daily needs and send his children to school.

“In Iringa, people now respect us and see our talents. They thought we could do nothing and could not be employed, but this attitude is changing slowly. I love the work I do, particularly making scarves. I design them on different looms and enjoy seeing the finished product. I know I have a steady income and hope to save enough to one day buy a farm for my family.”