These handmade notebooks are a useful and attractive way of storing your notes, ideas and shopping lists! It’s the perfect size to slip into your handbag and makes a beautiful gift or stocking filler. The notebook consists of 40 unlined pages, which are hand-bound by artisans in Tanzania and then covered in bright African fabric. Dimensions are 14cm x 10cm. Please be aware that the books come in a variety of fabrics and we cannot guarantee one particular design.


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Meet the Artisan

Godfrey became deaf at the age of two after being ill for some time. I went to a hearing school when I was seven years old, but it wasn’t until the age of fourteen that I got an opportunity to study at the deaf school in Iringa. When he finished school, he started looking for jobs in town. He couldn’t find employment and felt that no one helped him or wanted to employ a person who was hearing impaired. In 2003, he heard about a new enterprise called Neema Craft, which sought to employ people with disabilities. At Neema Crafts, he is able to build skills and make a steady income as he weaves a variety of scarves, napkins, notebook covers, and placemats on a small handloom.

“Now when I go into town to buy things for the restaurant the people who used not to understand me, help me to buy the things that I need. They are surprised that deaf and disabled people can cook, make paper, weave and bead and even more surprised at the quality of what we produce.”

One day, his dream is to study further and also to set up a business to help other deaf people find work as many businesses in Tanzania still only employ hearing people.