Half Moon Washbag Large

Our newest addition to our toiletry bag collection. The elegant shape and beautiful design makes it practical and perfect to store your make-up, traveling kits or any other essentials. It is made of our screen-printed handwoven cotton and lined with a waterproof material inside and fastens with a metal zip and tassel. It truly makes a lovely gift and is available in a variety of sizes, colours and designs.

Please be aware that because of the handmade nature of the product, the design and colours may vary slightly from the image shown. Carefully and lovingly handprinted, sewn and decorated by artisans in Iringa, Tanzania.


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Meet the Artisan

Sophia works in the tailoring department at Neema Crafts which she is very happy about. She was born hearing imparied and school and work was very difficult for her. She learned about Neema Crafts in 2011 because her husband worked there in the café. When they got married, she also managed to get a job at Neema.

“I have learnt to make many things, including clothes and several different bags. I really enjoy learning how to make new items and improving my skills. A few years ago, my husband and I were able to get our own house and we live here with our son, who attends school locally. At Neema, I also had the opportunity to attend a business training course. This has inspired me and I would love to open my own shop or small hotel one day.”