Child’s Pencil Case

A beautifully hand stitched pencil case. Perfect for school or just keeping all your little one’s pens and pencils in one place. Please be aware that the design and colours may vary from the image shown. Carefully sewn and embellished by artisans in our workshops in Iringa, Tanzania.


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Meet the Artisan

Esta became deaf when she was three years old after she was seriously ill. There was nothing the doctors could do and she lost my hearing. Thankfully, she was able to attend a deaf primary school but her mother died when she was eight, and things became very difficult from then on.

She continued with school until she was 15 years old, but then had to stop as her father became sick and there was no money to pay the fees. After finishing school, she was able to attend a tailoring course where she learnt some basic sewing skills. Amazingly, around this time, my friend Evelyn, told me about the job opportunities at Neema Crafts. In 2018, she was able to attend a tailoring course here, and then was given a job in this department.

“Since then I have learnt to make many new things, including pencil cases, cushions and purses. I hope to continue working here in the future so I can support my 5 year old son.”