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Our Mission

Colorful Minds is a non-profit organization that uplifts and empowers individuals with disabling conditions through art, partnerships, and community.

We believe that everyone is born with unique gifts & talents to give and contribute to the world. Colorful Minds supports individuals with disabilities in need and ethically sources their handmade products. By thoughtfully creating curated gift sets and organizing advocate events, we are able to share these individuals’ creations on a global level. We seek to empower these artisans by expanding their products’ distribution, increasing employment opportunities, and supporting sustainable income opportunities. We are committed to upholding the dignity of these individuals, celebrating their talents, and bringing attention to social justice and stigma issues faced by their communities.

Each of the products we procure is lovingly crafted by individuals, meaning you have an opportunity to become part of their story. For every gift set purchased, a portion of the funds also go towards combating global health diseases and preventing disabilities in children in the developing world.

In addition, we partner with NGOs and registered non-profit organizations to support children living with complex medical needs and disabilities in developing countries by offering small and high impact grants. Our goal is to bridge vocational training centers, artists, and other community based groups around the world to advocate for inclusivity, better health, and more opportunities for all children and adults living with disabilities


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