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 "As a mother of young children, organizing an art show and being an Advocate for Colorful Minds was a great way to show children how we can help others in need and create awareness within my community. The individuals that Colorful Minds works with are near and dear to my heart. What intrigues me about these individuals is how driven they are to create a better future for themselves despite their circumstances."
—Jolly Patel

Colorful Minds partners organizations with artists who struggle with emotional and physical disabilities and offers them a marketplace to share and sell their work while earning an income.

Colorful Minds works hand-in-hand with each artist to connect him or her with an advocate.

Colorful Minds will work with you to organize an intimate get together to share and sell the artwork for the artist you select..

Are you an artist living with an emotional or physical disability that prevents you from being financially independent? If so, connect with us here and learn how you can sell your art through our advocate and partnership program.

 Colorful Minds partners with a broad range of organizations that include vocational training centers, galleries, etc and if you're reading this the chances are we're probably looking for you!